Christina Milian

I'm such a rebel for you, riding in cahoot
Waiting hours up, waiting hours up
Every time we ride I'm rolling up for you
I'm so comfortable, this is terrible
Oh no no no, I'm in trouble now, in trouble now
But the sex feels so good, I'm like whatever now, whatever now
It's too late and I can't turn my back on the future

As long as we know what's up, what's up, what's up
There's nothing left to discuss boy, let's fuck, it's just us
And we've got this understanding right now
It's me and you, it's me and you
And the outsiders don't matter, it's me and you
It's me and you, me and you, me and you
And the outsiders don't matter no, no, no

I know what's good, I've been hit like this before
I know you're feeling me and I'm feeling you too, yeah
I just wanna have a good night
Sippin' Veuve on the yacht
I'm on one what you gonna do now?
I really hope it's dickin' me down below
Let's get it on tonight
It's only me and you

We spend the night out in Paris in the palace on the riviera
Living life so rebellious and in wreckless, royalty in the air
Tonight we're feeling so lavish, so lavish, so lavish
Tonight we're feeling so lavish, so lavish, so lavish
White sands, blue water, champagne just pourin', dripping in diamonds
So lavish, so lavish
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