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I'm No Rockefeller

Modern Talking

C'est I'histoire de I'amour
Je t'aime, Je suis fou de toi
Je t'embrasse

I saw her eyes like rain in May
A Paris night Champs Elysees
A flickering night, an old cafe
Oh, should I run away?

A one night stand, a small hotel
She broke my heart, Heaven and Hell
I was so wrong, she knew it all
Now I'm waiting for her call

Baby, I'm no Rockefeller
I'm no fortune teller
I don't promise you my heart

Baby, I'm no Rockefeller
Baby, but I tell ya
We can try a brand new start

Oh, I swear to you
(I swear to you)
I'll never make you blue
(I make you blue)
You are always in my heart for sure

Mon cher, qu'est-ce que tu fais avec mon coeur?
Recherche-moi je t'attendrai

I took the plane to JFK
An endless flight, I have to say
I miss that girl, more than my life
Will this love survive?

Back to the plane, to Charles De Gaulle
She was my heart, she was my soul
I know for sure, she's good to me
The rest is history

Mon amour, c'est I'amour de ma vie
Je cherche en toi un peu d'amour
Je t'aime mon cher

Je t'attendrai, mon amour

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