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There's Something In The Air

Modern Talking

I know, I know, your love
Is like the ocean
I know, for shure, your head is in the clouds, my love
Oh I know, your love, is like a sweet devotion
Baby, baby tell me, tell me, what's love is all about

There's something in the air
Oh b-b-baby, your love is so unfair
Oh b-b-baby
There's something in the air, something in the air
Baby but your love is crazy, baby I don't care
There's something in the air tonight
Baby but your love will make it always right
Baby there's something in the air tonight
Oh I can feel it

I know we make a night, we will remember, oh no
I know we turn the night, in million days, my love
I know for shure it like summer in december
Baby, baby, nobody knows, where is the perfect way

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