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Gathered in, clenched, I'm a handful of dust borne of now, silence, changing the sound of futures, I'm stepping out into fearless traverse, not without menace, across a furious planet, deftly maneuvering the steep climbs of reason, armed only by fate like phantom skin braving wars without and within, sun shocked, awkward and thirsty, and no oasis in Eternity Sands, courage is destination and and nightfall, is lunar avarice, now drenched in rain and dread, and encircled by shadow warriors, venomous, storm-size and mercenary, then at the threshold, cool distance, You stood illuminated by terrifying bursts!

You ride the brilliance, You are light, You are the construct
You defy dimension, tenn0!!, You are One, You are eternal, absolute, You are imperial, sovereign, yeah, tenn0 tenn0!

Flash of white, You ripped the fabric of the real, shrieks of anguish the sting of ozone, before the atom crush, my sign distorted, my view Copernican, but what I witnessed that night spared my life, and has haunted me since, yes, we are, handfuls of dust, yet, made of stars, you have fastened, across the walls, of this room without ceiling, but our aimless existence is given meaning, when at the threshold, without distance, you stand in Your meridian!
You breathe redemption, motive, power, You're elemental, super-collider yeah tenn0!, you are air and earth, fire and ocean, You are Word, you are tenn0 tenn0!
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