1. 1

    Mortal - Above & Beyond

  2. 2

    Mortal - Above And Beyond

  3. 3

    Mortal - Alive And Awake

  4. 4

    Mortal - Bright Wings

  5. 5

    Mortal - Cryptic

  6. 6

    Mortal - Dymenshan (Kr-Krip-Pop)

  7. 7

    Mortal - Electrify

  8. 8

    Mortal - Enfleshed (The Word Is Alive)

  9. 9

    Mortal - Ex-Nihilo

  10. 10

    Mortal - Godspeed

  11. 11

    Mortal - If Ever Maria

  12. 12

    Mortal - Jill Sent Me

  13. 13

    Mortal - Lift

  14. 14

    Mortal - Miracle Man

  15. 15

    Mortal - Mission

  16. 16

    Mortal - Moons & Suns

  17. 17

    Mortal - Mr. Arochet

  18. 18

    Mortal - Mujo (Uncertainty Mix)

  19. 19

    Mortal - Neplusultra

  20. 20

    Mortal - Promulgate

  21. 21

    Mortal - Rainlight

  22. 22

    Mortal - Rift

  23. 23

    Mortal - Tenno

Mr. Arochet


From climate control, and L.E.O. communication relays to mass transit, success relies on implementation, therefore advances in tech revolve around the rocket, but tonight I'm looking farther into, breaking orbit, exploring frontiers anew, why face depletion of resource, and extinction of the human race, when we could harvest the riches of space? We could harness the power of stars for the survival of man, will you join me in building a brighter future?

A rocket a rocket - I want to build a rocket, I'm just the man to build it, I want to build a rocket, to ride into the sunset

Conquest is a dangerous word, but it's a place to begin a race I plan to win, if you let the goal transform your soul, then you'll understand what drive ambition in man, you say at any expense - 'avoid malevolence', I say the higher the stakes the more I'll do what it takes, I'm building rockets (not lies, sublime), the first of giant steps toward the rise of empire

A rocket a rocket - a hyper-ion rocket, just give me time to build it, into the blue skyrocket, and I would kill to launch it
A rocket a rocket - just give me space to build, 'cause I've got time to kill, by sheer force of will, I will not rest until
A rocket a rocket - I've got to build a rocket, into the blue sky rocket, to fly me through the sunset, what I would kill to launch it

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