Nick Cannon

[Verse 1]
It's like me and you
Me and my mans and your girlfriends too
After tonight I'm a only visit be with you
when the moon is blue
Is that your mans right there what he doin with you
Saying talk to the hands
Is that still cute?
Jimmy choo boots
That's real cute
Only chick in the place with style and grace
And like 5'8" with a tropical face
And like expensive taste
spotted my chain
That's right
get on my game gotta see well hear that
Is that a weave can't believe that I said that
I don't know what possessed you to wear that
Girl, you out of tap
Girl wear that
Wait to be not, make it hot
Ma you feel that
Smashing all across the states
And I stays iced out like frosted flakes

Anything you really wanna do
I'm with that
Only wanna kick it with you
I'm With that
Meet me in the parking lot at two
I'm with that
But you you gotta quit that attitude and get back to me

I don't know you
My names not important i'm as big as elvis
You think you so cute
Keep it real ma you don't know me like that dance
But I don't want to
Believe me I don't give up that easy girl
Cuz I kind of like your attitude

[Verse 2]
I done been to every club in the world
I seen them hot chicks and they blocking and ugly home girls
EWWWW And ninety nine percent of the time
It be hits like this brainwashing your mind
Yo, you lookin at my watch
Just watch the time
You think I'm gonna stop you must be out of your mind
If you ain't V.I.P.
Then get out of the line
Think I woke up one day and just decided to rhyme
NAH I ain't got no problems with ya'll
We all ken I'm tryin to find a barbie doll
So I could get a phone number
Call her tommorow
See how her night went with a superstar
yeah That's what I was shooting for
Im one hundred percent over the fence
You like a mad mechanic
throw in a wrench
And my game mad cuz you playin the bench



[Verse 3]
It's your attitude that got me whipped in my whip
like whips you be wealth
I can't be mad at you
Looking good
You remind me of my benz when im pushing through the hood
24 inch rims steering wheel all good
Envision the bigger picture for real its all good
Wouldn't ya'll do it
If ya'll could
If ya'll could
Wouldn't yall do it
But ya'll ain't for stardom
On the road from autumn to autumn
From Cali to atlanta
to atlanta to harlem
You don't need Burt Reynolds for the Cannonball run



Jam on it
Jam on it
I said yea JAm Jigga Jigga Jam On it
Get Out of your seats and dance
to ghetto beats girl don't be shy just flaunt it
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