I Used To Be In Love

Nick Cannon

Wooo...yeah...can i ball?
you dont have to do me like that ma....
nick cannon
you almost had me but my inner pimp wouldnt let that happen.....you dig?

know this chick named Tanya
down form east Yonkers
had me going honkers
losin my cool
lets do this straight forward
shopping sprees in my Nogamee
when them other dudes call it dont bother me
im a young Billy D
she mohagany
moto shick taught her quick
how to stick and move
bottles sip on the cris and we grip the groove
she was my friend, my homie
my one and only
whitneys tender R&B's tenderomi
my round the way girl
now went down the block for me
wish she woulda told me

with Ronny, Bobby, Ricky and Tony
tryna play it pimp but pimp a player
little momma dont ya know i got chicks to spare
you was my first round drag on the benches over there

[chorus x2]
oh i used to be in love
how could you ever do me wrong
pretty so and so
i need a maid to come and take me

silly of me to fall in love with a chick
puttin dubs on a six
diamond flood on her wrist
in the club handcuffed
and they huggin and
chinchilla furs
jakub his and hers
now what you gettin is gettin on my nerves
used to og out with laundry mouse to splurge
foreign designers
cant pronounce the words
try to get you to glam alike
ever since i bew your spot you got hammers like
should played your position like vannah white
never knew you and me could be man and wife
no its no more love
we just us
no more me and you
no more us
no more we can cruise hit the city bus
cant believe that i fell for you
i guess its true gigolos get lonely too


yo we used to be you
shotgun in da six hum
new portorican chick with a slick bun
got your rum
got your rocks
got your oh daddy please dont stop
i was your best thing going
now im just your mail ticket
goin out there shorty we can still kick it
hate to admit it have me spendin for a minute
if you say you didnt get it
yeah you can still get it
you said all you want is love and affection
you used to be my angel
then you started vexin
took you out boutgh you all kinds of things
then it got to high and burned off your wings
up and down the block
with dexter sayin jock
i aint mad at ya cuz the pimpin dont stop
i hold the name of the game
my chick chose him
its nothin to get knocked off
im feelin all slim


nothin to get knocked of
i dont feel knocked off
i feel all slim
its nothing to get knocked off
dont feel no shit knocked off
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