Winter's Eve

Nox Arcana

When the trees glisten like crystals at night
And catch the new fallen snow
An enchanted kingdom begins to take form
Beneath the Moon's silvery glow
The forest surrenders to winter, yet life goes on and on
And just as each day fades to twilight
Each dusk is followed by dawn
And as darkness looms
One final rose blooms on this winter's eve

The queen of the forest weaves her ancient spell
Lulling the woodlands to sleep
Beneath the blanket of ivory white
The Earth slumbers safe in her keep

Circle continues unbroken
As the seasons come and go
Time brings a series of changes
That allow dreams to blossom and grow

And in the twilight, one star shines bright
Oh, winter's eve
And as darkness looms
The dream of all blooms on this winter's eve
Oh, winter's eve
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