Past Time With Good Company

Nox Arcana

Pastime with good company
I love, and shall until I die
Rancor going, but no one denies
So God be pleased, I will live well
For my past
Hunting, singing and dancing
My heart is ready!
Everything nice
For my comfort
Who shall I?

Youth must have some dalliance
Good or evil past
Company, for them I am the best
All thoughts and fancies to digest
Lover's head
Of all vices
Then who can disagree
But the joy and the game
It is the best of all?

Company of honesty
It is the virtue, the anger addiction flee
Company is good and bad
But each has his free will
The best receive
Avoiding the worst
My mind must be
Virtue to use
Addiction refuse
So, I'll do me!
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