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Bizzy Body ft. Webbie & Mouse

Paul Wall

Bizzy body, what, webbie trill ent. young savage
Paul Wall

[Verse 1: Webbie]
Man I got bizzy body's all over the motha fuckin world
Bizzy gettin money nigga you can't tell me nothin I'm out chea gettin money niggas you can't tell me nothin
I'm out chea gettin moneynigga you can't tell me nothin
Black lack hat back fat chilla bag of that calofornia witta poccuhonas with a fat cat
Fat back she got a old man but we ain't stuttin that
A fat stack will make them niggas eat ha like a big mack
Suckin on my nuts and
Shit rubbin on my six pack
My finger in ha but and shit
How she bustin nuts and shit
Long dick fold ha up
She feel it in ha guts and shit
Take it out fix tha strap and tell ha ass to switch positions
She a bizzy body so you know I gotta keep ha bizzy
Brang ha 2 the click and let ha suck dick until she get dizzy
She can leave I ain't trippin I was fenna put ha out
Call anotha bizzy body bring ha in and work ha out
Hop up in my big body swerve it out 2 the house tell my main boo hide the rubbers turn my phone off
Make love 2 ha that's my girl so we zone out
Go 2 sleep wake up in the morning and bust ha own out

Now she say that she really want a playa
But she neva on ha best behavior
But she always shakin wat ha mama gave ha
But all she really want 4 me is that paper

She a bizzy body (bizzy body) [x3]

[Verse 2: Paul Wall]
Lil mama off the chain throwed from ha head 2 toe
Workin ha head bob she swallow and would neva choke
All I wanna do is smoke all she wanna do is fuck she don't love me she just here cause I got some bucks
When we done with ha that broad gone be on ha way back 2 the hood bitch I see that ass anotha day that girl get around all work no play
She stay on ha knees but trust me shell better break
She wanna playa with paper and come save ha and move ha downtown to a hot ride sky scrapper
Put that thang on me till I can't even walk
Right now she got a mouth 4 ha so baby can't talk she stay bizzy all day from gettin bizzy
Lil mama is out of control just like missy strainght up bizzy body that girl is a dime
And I've been fuckin with ha 4 a long time baby


[Verse 3: Mouse]
Lody dody I need a bizzy body
Who gone ride that dick like a new mozarroli moan and groan she can't keep silent
Kick both legs in the air like a rocket
She a motta mouth when I'm up inside of ha
Perky lips perky lips she so exotic
She got that body like a hot diamond
She really get ta actin like a?
Beside all that she work 4 ha time and independent she don't need a nigga 2 help ha with that
She got ha own cheese and own a business
Them hoes hatin ha
Big ballas in tha city wanna date ha
She gone by my baby mamma them papers
If you holla she gone say that she taken
I gotta bizzy mamma and a bizzy body

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