Poni Hoax

Like a walking dog shifting by the flow,
Easy slider wants to blow in Budapest.
This endless feeling follows ghostly,
And vicious as a plague you know where we are now?
In Budapest.
A chest with no breath creeping through a darkness,
An iced game of chess melting in Budapest.
Building a gambling house in my head,
Near the castle a cold hunter lays,
In Budapest.

Now watch out, it's coming on.

Tokaj running in my veins,
What was soaking is now croaking in Budapest.
Sniper holes across partitions of my soul,
Street-cars tearing up the skies of Budapest.
Travestied gods, transyvanian guns,
I do hear ans see surely I should run far from Budapest.
Cave-accordeons they taste my flesh,
And in fast motion, men are mean, mean, mean, mean and mesh.
In Budapest.
I may have a fex contacts but no peace I could find,
And the burning synagogues are lightning up all,
Of Budapest !
Paranoid express through excess and excess,
Here I am just a guest who doesn't need to be blessed,
In Budapest.

Now watch out, it's coming on.

Paranoid express take a deep breath,
I don't wanna be blessed,
I don't wanna be blessed.
Suicide lusts and none is really to trust,
I am the hider, the midnight rider.
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