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    Psycho Realm - Stone Garden

  2. 2

    Psycho Realm - Street Platoons

  3. 3

    Psycho Realm - Bullets

  4. 4

    Psycho Realm - Confessions of a Drug Addict

  5. 5

    Psycho Realm - Conspiracy Theories

  6. 6

    Psycho Realm - Dysfuntional

  7. 7

    Psycho Realm - Earthquake Weather

  8. 8

    Psycho Realm - Enemy of the State

  9. 9

    Psycho Realm - Good Times

  10. 10

    Psycho Realm - I'm Gone

  11. 11

    Psycho Realm - La Connecta Part I

  12. 12

    Psycho Realm - La Connecta Pt.2

  13. 13

    Psycho Realm - Lost Cities

  14. 14

    Psycho Realm - Love From The Sick Side

  15. 15

    Psycho Realm - Moving Through the Streets

  16. 16

    Psycho Realm - Needful Things

  17. 17

    Psycho Realm - On The Grind

  18. 18

    Psycho Realm - Order Through Chaos

  19. 19

    Psycho Realm - Pico-Union Disctrict

  20. 20

    Psycho Realm - Premonitions

  21. 21

    Psycho Realm - Psycho City Blocks

  22. 22

    Psycho Realm - Psyclones

  23. 23

    Psycho Realm - R. U. Experienced

  24. 24

    Psycho Realm - Show of Force

  25. 25

    Psycho Realm - Showdown

  26. 26

    Psycho Realm - Sick Dogs

  27. 27

    Psycho Realm - Sick Syde Drop

  28. 28

    Psycho Realm - Street Terrorism

  29. 29

    Psycho Realm - Temporary Insanity

  30. 30

    Psycho Realm - The Big Payback

  31. 31

    Psycho Realm - The Crazy Area

  32. 32

    Psycho Realm - The First Day Of Freedom

  33. 33

    Psycho Realm - The Killing Fields

  34. 34

    Psycho Realm - The L.D

  35. 35

    Psycho Realm - The Winds of Revolution

  36. 36

    Psycho Realm - Tragedy.Com

Stone Garden

Psycho Realm

[Mr Duke speaking]
This jam right here is dedicated
To all you motherfucker that ain't right here
You're supposed to be right here with me, motherfucker
You know what I'm saying ?
You know what the fuck I'm saying
I'll catch up with you soon, homies
Ah ah, yeah, we'll catch up to you all
All of you motherfucker
And you know what I'm saying
cause at the end, at the end we all diiiie

Sounds like Gods are crying tears of Malathion
Raining over your head to put out the fire
Who desires to die? besides, the suicidal tendencies
Can lead to the eternal sleep
So keep you eyes wide open and alive
Grab your snake and ride to the other side
If your intention is to defy death
I'll tell you now, even the best get laid to rest
We're on our way to the stone garden
End of the road were everybody goes but not forgotten
Frames all rotten souls travel to unravel
Other worlds and big cloud castles
Why do we have these hassles, livin' cautious
Walking the street watching your back?
Your fear's collosus
We conquer souls while ganja rolls
Everybody here's high so the story unfolds
We're on another planet thought, thinking immortal
But the path we're on leads us straight to the portal

Chorus: [Jacken & (Mr Duke)]
(Devil's in disguise)
They're coming to claim us
Let it come as no surprise
I stare into the face of death
'Cause at the end of their time, everybody dies

[Mr Duke]
This is a time of pain
Warzone for your own gain
I roam the middle with the metal Œcause I'm insane
Break frames... catch a smoking
Is it gonna earn you a name?
Did you get slain?
Or fall victim to bald knuckle-heads and bad aim
It ends all the same
Every mothafucker right here gotta jump on soul train
Some go up, some go south
Some get stuck in a realm with no way out
Some get to hide, O.D. on drug hits,
Dying in your sleep, that's the shit
But lives get took violently
On the streets of a lost city

Chorus: [Duke & (Jacken)] X2
(Devil's in disguise)
They're coming to claim us
Let it come as no surprise
I stare into the face of death
'Cause at the end of their time, everybody dies

In the stone garden, we keep all the heavenly gates packed
With fresh souls under control, no holdin' back
Look at all these names engraved in the stones
Even the unknown finds his path on his way home
Roam... where the spirits all lie
One of these fuckin' days, even I'm gonna die
And when I do, I'll be another memory
Hanging out with the ones who were there before me
Look out haaa... let me set your soul free
By the Buddha tree, open the gates to eternity
Everybody rise up, open up your eyes
We demise and we're trippin' to the other side

Chorus: [B-Real & (Mr Duke with Jacken)] X2
(Devil's in disguise)
They're coming to claim us
Let it come as no surprise
I stare into the face of death
'Cause at the end of their time, everybody dies

[Mr Duke speaking]
Yeah at the end, at the end
We'll catch up with you
You know what I'm saying, that's it
We all die then motherfucker
Yeah even if you take me out by now
One of my motherfucker's gonna take you up
And then you'll take him and back and forth and shit
And it don't stop you know what I'm saying
Body rott drop and shit
You know what I mean
Ah ah

This is the end

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