Conspiracy Theories

Psycho Realm

Cops are found dead and to no surprise
And get classified wasted no lie
They come and invade the wrong life
And only the strong survive so they die
They rest at a place of violence
And 5-0's get broke like codes of silence
Sirens flood the scene with blood
They come firing
We crooks get thrown big books
And hooked with a life sentence
Hunted mental stress on these LA streets
Permanent like inks on flesh, shit
We blast off the big guns
'Til blankets of death have wrapped everyone
Homeboys and the law abiding
Get stuck full of holes they're dying
Don't let the wild bullet
Conspiracies hit the target
Befriend the whole system
Or you too will be found dead

The code of the streets means anything goes
Against these wars with street fleets
Wanted by many
These sick-ass cliques ain't touched by any
Law enforcement
The code of the streets

The masterplan don't include us so they shoot us
Supply weapons, coke, crack and buddha
Keep track of who took the bait through computers
Enslave and regulate the 'hoods through the juras
We're all victims as the plot thickens
Better recognize the big plan clock's ticking
Stricken by the plague no sign of us saved
Satan is the ruler of the modern day
We fight angelic wars where my block attacks yours
Numbed by the drugs that are sold on street stores
Everybody out here walking around in a daze
You can't find your way out the maze through purple haze
And while you're lost you're desensitized with force
Through violence that's televised in spite of the cross
Through news and other media we see homicide
So murder and death are now part of our daily lives
All of a sudden you're gunning blasting's just a game
Join a gang run with them destroy your own plane
For a name, fame and crumbs you're dumb
You're feeding right into the conspiracy the outcome is death


And anybody else that enforce the law
Gets broke the fuck off
We fight with them
How many men get sent to destroy the violent movement?
Oppose government
The code of the streets
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