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Live My Life For You


You don't rembember
All the things
I did and the times i ran
You've forgotten
Who i used to be
You just see who i am
There's not a single day
That passes by that i'm
Not in Your hand
And i don't understand
But it still amazes me
That i'm part of Your plan

I can't think of anything i'd rather
Do than live my life for You
I can't think of anywhere i'd
Rather be than on the rad that
Leads me to truth
Cause i really wanna do
Is live my life for You

This world can't offer me
Anything i really need
The only thing that i want
Is right in front of me
It's found You
It's all that i believe
And all my heart is beating for
You and You alone
Nothing More

There's so many voices
In my head everyday
A thousand different
Roads that lead
A million different ways
But one things is for sure You
Always nothing else compares
To the love You've given me

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