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One Word


If you're feeling a little bit confused
Don't quite know which way to chose
it's all right
Stop trying so hard
Take a minute look around
And the answer will be found
When you lift your brother off
the ground you will see

All of your burdens fade away
it will be as clear as day

One word
One word
Everything you need
All you need to know
The only true light all around
the world is love, love
One Word
One Word
Anywhere you are
anywhere you go
You get back more every time
that you show love, love

If you feel like
you're always chasing time
You have no reason,
have no rhyme
It's alright
Stop trying so hard
If you really want to solve the mystery
Who you were really meant to be
Is a brother to a brother in need

All of your burdens fade away
You will see a brighter day


You'll see the sky start to change
All the clouds runaway
Finally stop all the rain
In the blink of an eye
The space between you and I
Won't be so wide

One word around the world
One word around the world
One word aroung the world

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