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    Raid - Above The Law

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    Raid - Blood Green

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    Raid - Capitaine Vodka

  4. 4

    Raid - Curse Of Empathy

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    Raid - éCoeurantite AigüE

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    Raid - Generation

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    Raid - Hanged Man

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    Raid - Inconscience

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    Raid - Inside Out

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    Raid - Lost And Found

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    Raid - The Better Life

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    Raid - The World Without Logos

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    Raid - Under The Axe

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    Raid - Unsilent Minority

  15. 15

    Raid - Wise Up

  16. 16

    Raid - Words Of War

  17. 17

    Raid - Your Warning

Curse Of Empathy


I've recieved glory, the curse of empathy.
ever death i feel, every death is me.
nailed, i'm crucified for their suffering.
i've given my very sould for the redemption of life and i shall make the enslaved free.
"there's no reason to live without reason to die."

it's the innocent i defend and i'm prepared to die.
i'd give my life for the salvation of them all.
and i'd take a life if only this hell would fall. life your life as if you were the persecuted
talk won't save you, but actions do.
from the clinic to the slaughterhouse, the evil is abound and through the right of justice we're tearing it down.
"there's no reason to live without a reason to die."

it's the innocent i defend and i'm prepared to die.
so how dare you question my authority when your complacency shows no validity.
the pain of the innocent is upon me, it's the eyes in which i see through.

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