1. 1

    Raid - Above The Law

  2. 2

    Raid - Blood Green

  3. 3

    Raid - Capitaine Vodka

  4. 4

    Raid - Curse Of Empathy

  5. 5

    Raid - éCoeurantite AigüE

  6. 6

    Raid - Generation

  7. 7

    Raid - Hanged Man

  8. 8

    Raid - Inconscience

  9. 9

    Raid - Inside Out

  10. 10

    Raid - Lost And Found

  11. 11

    Raid - The Better Life

  12. 12

    Raid - The World Without Logos

  13. 13

    Raid - Under The Axe

  14. 14

    Raid - Unsilent Minority

  15. 15

    Raid - Wise Up

  16. 16

    Raid - Words Of War

  17. 17

    Raid - Your Warning

Your Warning


a state of destruction you've inhaled. as the poison surges through your veins a cancer breeds, breeds from deep within. your body is decaying and your life's caving fucking in. i shall judge, judge you from where you stand.
as a slave to a drug your life's nonproductive.

your stagnation is counter revolutionary.
addiction to pleasure won't foster true liberation until you liberate yourself.
your doctrine of freedom is an absurdity, controlled by a drug but maintains to be free.
indulge in your pleasure, bathe in your death, take the path that is easiest. it's all a matter of strength and on your gravestone...

i will stand. purification throught discipline, my knowledge is superior and my tolerance wears thin
what you put into your body is what you become.
drug free fuck death will be your outcome. take this as your warning

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