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Something More!


I am
Looking for
Something more.
Trying to get up
To let it out.

To forget
To ignore
All we live and
All we are.

Is so free
Is so free the way you go
You don't mind
You don't mind about what i feel for you.

But i'm here to say:
I still love you,
And if you come back
I am here, i am your, i do what you want.

Yes i'm here today.
But maybe i'll not be here tomorrow.

I can keep
Sit around,
Crying alone
Feeling down.

You know me
How i think
What i am and
What i seem.

I seem freak
Is so freak my way to love but
You don't care about what i do for you!

Now what i'm saying for you
Is: now or never
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