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One Of Your Lies


I´ll never think about living with you again
I´ll never think about giving you another chance

Stay away from me(2x)
Get out of here.Live your life and let me live

Day after day my mind turn around me
And i feel a fool every time you lie to me

I don´t hate you, i don´t hate you but i hate
Everything you think and everything you do

...And so i´ll never listen to my heart
And i feel that pain and more, i feel much more...
And i see you with your beautiful way
With your beuatiful love...
Your love for your self

I´ll ever be alone i´ll never love again
It´s impossible forget or just understand

What happened?What happened
That make me have no feeling and so bad?

Was a dream so good but now is hard
Because now is true!
I am a trash, i am the rest, i am nothing for you

So go away from here
Take your time, take your life
Take your love and let me live

You used me, but i know my rights
I wanna be free because i´m not one of your lies

Like your life, like your eyes,like your love
Your love for me
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