She got Momma's
Words of wisdom
Running around
In her head
Mixed with brothers
Don't be loving
Or it's trouble
Free to roam
But she can't fly
Cos the one she wants
Ain't the one
In everyone else's eyes

She gotta runaway
She gotta runaway

He got a heart of gold
But he gotta get out
Just one more hussle
To get the ticket
So don't you worry about
It baby
It's gonna be alright

You're gonna runaway
With everything she owns
Creeping out the window
I'm gonna miss ya
Shh, don't you say a word

I gotta runaway

Meanwhile while he shouts
Put the cash in the bag
I don't want no drama
He didn't mean to hurt nobody
Just wanted to get away

Yeah, I know you know how
The story goes
But the tears
Are still streaming
Mamma's wisdoms always right
That sometimes, sometimes

We gotta runaway
(We got to run away)
You've got to run away
I've got to run a run away
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