Romeo And Juliet


Always a bad day
When your never here
But hey
I guess that's just
The way it goes
Its a long walk home
And it's even longer
When there's none here
To tell it too
Walk throught the door
Still in my coat
And i'm running just
To answer the phone
Trust you to forget hey
Well, maybe i'll forget
That i ever loved u at all

Always so sorry
Too damn tired you say
Well it's gonna be
Goin, goin gone
If you think
It's jus' too easy
To turn around
And walk away
Still wanna
Hold your hand
You wanna kiss me
Your are my Romeo
N I'm your Juliet

It's been
A long time coming
But at last your home
Wanna tell u what i?
While we watch
The falling sun
And when all is
Said and done
Too many smiles
We can't throw them away
I know your the one
N side by side we'll stay


You know i love you
Just look at the sky
You know i love you


Your my Romeo
And I'm your Juliet
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