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Heaven (From Here)

Robbie Williams

Know no fear, I'll still be here tomorrow,
Bend my ear, I'm not going to go away,
You are loved, so why do you shed a tear,
Know no fear, you will see heaven from here.

I'll shelter you, make it alright to cry,
And you'll help too, cos the faith in myself has run dry,
We are loved, and i just wanna hold you near,
Know no fear, we will see heaven from here.

I see real love in your eyes,
And it fills me up when you start to cry...

I just wanna hold you near,
We will see heaven from here.

Well it all seems out of reach,
I will take the blame if it keeps the peace

My shelf life's short, wish they'd make it more easy to follow,
And I've been caught, with nothing but love on my mind,
We are loved, don't let it fall on deaf ears,
Now it's clear, we have seen heaven from here.
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