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We'Re The Pet Shop Boys

Robbie Williams

Suburbia's a slipstream to a memory
of a time when you were close to me
I pretend
I'm there again

I close my eyes and see you
better than before
then I feel you touch me
and it's 1984

I know what you will say
before you start
in my heart

We're the Pet Shop Boys
We're the Pet Shop Boys

Every thought's a fashion or a crime
and every boy is just a waste of time
but I pretend
it was different then

Maybe it's a habit
Maybe it's a sin
But I find out
when I try it on
it crawls beneath my skin

Once it gets inside me
it won't go
Now I know

We're the Pet Shop Boys
We're the Pet Shop Boys

Being boring
It's alright
It's a sin
I'm not scared
In denial
I want a dog
I want a lover
Can you forgive her?
Do I have to?
What have I? What have I?
What have I done to deserve this?
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