Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul

Rocky Horror

Whatever happened to Saturday night? When you dressed up sharp and you felt alright It don't seem the same since cosmic light Came into my life I thought I was divine I used to go for a ride with a chick who'd go And listen to the music on the radio A saxophone was blowing on the rock 'n' roll show We climbed in the back seat And really had a good time. (chorus) Hot patootie - Bless my soul I really love that rock 'n' roll (3x) My head used to swim from the perfume I smelled My hands kinda fumbled with her white plastic belt I'd taste her baby pink lipstick And that's when I'd melt She's whisper in my ear tonight she really was mine. Get back in front and put some hair oil on Buddy Holly was singing his very last song. With your arms around your girl you try to sing along You felt pretty good... WHOO! Really had a good time. (Chorus to fade)

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