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Farewell thumbelina

Ron Sexsmith

Farewell Thumbelina,
Your dream has come at last
It was all you ever wanted
Now it's all you'll ever have
Many loved your beauty
Many loved your grace
I loved you for the courage that you showed
In that lonely place
And the longing that was yours to bare
You bore it oh so well
Farewell Thumbelina
Thumbelina farewell

Farewell Thumbelina,
Standing half undressed
Beneath that yellow circus spotlight,
Before the hungry audience
You were surrounded by shadows
Each one battling for control
You fed upon their dark promises
They fed upon your soul
And you loved them like you'd love a lover
And they loved you
Like they'd love something to sell
Farewell Thumbelina
Thumbelina farewell

Now the circus is deserted
Where once you thrilled the crowd
They've packed away the tents
There is no audience
The spotlight's been turned out
Now many say you were a hero
Many say you were the victim of fame
Nobody wants to say
You were just another one
On the losing end of a losing game
As for me I'll do my best
To keep your secrets well
Farewell Thumbelina
Thumbelina farewell.

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