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I Think We're Lost

Ron Sexsmith

Hate to be
The bearer of bad news
But lately
Even the sun seems lost
Think we're lost

And the sun don't shine the way it used to
And the rain falls harder then it's s'posed to
All the world looks cold and grey
I think we're lost

Dark shadows
Keep swarming 'round us nowadays
And the road home
I feel surrounded in harm's way
My love, I think we're lost
Think we're lost

And the night seems darker than it used to
I fear we've gone much farther than we're s'posed to
All the world just turns away

And I keep worrying about it, baby
I keep waiting for your love to save me
And tell me that we'll find our way
I think we're lost
I think we're lost

Now it only seems to make me sad
When I think of what we had
And what we've lost

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