Au Pays Natal


An orbit gone wrong,

Europa rely,
Europa will rely,

The monolith is calling me.
The monolith is calling me.

Living on the ideal of,
borrowed time.

Living on your own,
the darkness of the light,
the silence in between,
I remember your eyes,
and softness of the skin,

Living on your own,
borrowed time.

The monolith is calling me,
the names of all the ones I loved,
no time in space,
no day or night to know,
how long I've been away from your home,
how long - I've drifted away - I've drifted away

An orbit gone wrong,
The shell of a man,
has lost his form again,
The shell of man.
Forgotten form,
an orbit gone wrong
an orbit gone wrong.

Borrowed time,
can't show me.
Monolith is calling,
descending, the names of
my own memories.

This shell of a man has forgotten,
his human form at last,
shell of a man forgotten,
his human form again

Look to the sky for Mary.
Bleed up to the light.
Shell of a man forgotten,
his human form at last,
shell of man,
forgotten human form.

Your dream died today.

Turn it around,
crumbling odds,
your failed me,
turn it around,
crumbling down,
you failed me.

Shell of a man forgotten, bleed up to the light
Shell of a man forgotten his human form again.
Shell of a man Europa - lift me up.
Shell of man, turning over, your dream died today.
Shell of man has forgotten human form - you failed me
Shell of man, forgotten human form
Shell of man, your dream died today
Shell of man forgotten
Shell of man. Living on borrowed time.
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