King Ivory Tower


When you return, I draw you near
Reassure, then disappear
A slight setback, a souvenir
But you've endured, persevered
A second guess will interfere
It's obvious it's insincere
Your success across the years
Concealed distress; I kept you here

Weathered lines and scars, a tribute to the years
Turn back times lost on me
Bones ground down to silt, eroding to absolve
Toiling, time's lost on me

I'm carrying the weight of culpability
My cloud bears down upon you
Etched into my frame: 'desolation'
Written in my name, a legacy
Sweeping over me, a consolation
Blissful melody, a misery

I will remain with you, reframing points of view
You will remain with me, pursuing symmetry
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