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Devil With Angels Eyes

Royal Bliss

Headed for the crossroads
To find my lucy in the sky
To feel those wings, to feel that glory oh I’d give my life

Oh yea, I’ve been up all night
Dancin’ with the devil till the morning’s light
Oh no, got nothing to lose
Sold my soul for a life with you
Oh yea.. You’re the devil with angel eyes
The devil with angel eyes

So many strangers at my table
Trying to tell me who I am
Trying to hide between their lies
Yea they’ll never understand

I’ve rode those wings of glory
Crashed and burned in the flames of pride
Gone the distance, to tell my story
Now I, I’m ready to fight

On my way to the crossroads
Found my lucy in the sky
Found my wings, found my angel
She’s still by my side
Yea, I gave her my life
Yea, my angel’s still by my side
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