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Bound in Chains

Sacred Warrior

As the night starts it's rising, the streets start to fill
You're looking to get your next thrill
Music is loud, the lights are bright
Woman is dressed to kill wearing their high heels and tights

Pusher's pushing, the thief is stealing
The preacher's preaching but his life's full of darkness
The gangster's killing, the witch she's casting spells
Astrologer's tell their lies and people but these feelings

(Chorus 2)
Can't they see it's all so clear
They're living a lie
Wondering why, they're searching inside
Days go by still they try, never understanding
That they're just one of many bound in chains

If you choose to live life by these ways
No one else can take the blame
For the pain you're gonna feel
But the truth's within you, crying out
Now how much longer will you live in this darkness

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