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Waiting In Darkness

Sacred Warrior

Spirits of demons are crawling on my skin
Lusting for power control of my mind
Tenaciously seeking for cracks in the armor
A place to begin their insidious crime

Waiting in darkness
Seething with hate for the children of light
Waiting in silence
The strike like a beast in the night
Waiting in darkness
They're longing for your and my demise

They cannot possess me because I am filled
But given the moments corrupt me they will
The flesh and the spirit are constant at war
From hell's gate to glory the battle endures

They're waiting in darkness
Haunting with accusations
Unclean spirits - Invisible enemies
We fight them
We bind them
In Jesus' name deny them
Their claim of victory
Over our hearts, our souls, our minds
Through prayer - Spiritual warfare

Through your anger they fuel the fire
Feeding off of your flesh's sinful desires
Lies and confusion
Your faith put to the test
Focusing in on all your weaknesses
We must be vigilant to thwart their evil plight
Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might
Be prepared for war

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