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Until I See You Again

Sandy & Junior

There's a hole in my heart
It's a big empty space
Every day just gets harder since you went away
And I try to hold on
Cause I know there will be
A time and place when you'll come back to me
Without you don't know how I exist
Never thought I could miss you like this
There won't be stars shooting down from the sky
There won't be dreams coming true in my life
I'll never feel love that real
I can only pretend
Until I see you again
And it's so bittersweet
Not a thing I can do
Everything that I see just reminds me of you
So I send you my love
But you're so far away
How I wish that the world could be smaller today
How can I survive without you touch
Never thought I could miss you so much
You gave me somethin'
I never will forget
You special lovin'
And I hope it's not over yet
Don't say it's ending
Just when it's about to start
Don't walk away with my heart
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