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I Wanna Be Where You Are

Sandy e Junior

It's monday morning
And i can't get outta bed
Though i know, that i gotta go
Rather dream of you instead
Replay your message
Just so i can hear your voice
Can't wait or hesitate
You're leavin' me no choice
Keep it on the down low
I try to play it cool
Keeps gettin' stronger
And i know you feel it too
Don't you know, baby, i'm crazy for you

Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday
Only thinkin' of you
Friday, saturday, sunday, girl, you're all i wanna do
Winter, summer, spring or fall
I feel ya all the year through,
I'll take a plane, i'll take a car
I just wanna be, oughta be, gotta be where you are

It's friday evening
And i finally made it through
Runnin' every red light
Just to get to you
We'll take our time, girl
'til we see the morning light
Mad fun in the summer sun
Cos we're gonna do it right
I'm all about you, girl
And i know you're all about me
Twenty - four seven
I need you constantly
Girl, don't you know that's the way it should be


Ain't no lover like the one i got
She keeps it real, she keeps it hot
This kinda love could never be bought
Ain't no reason we should ever part
She's got my back , she's got my heart
She's the sun, the moon and the stars
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