Sara Ramírez

My darling
I am on a bus and you are waiting for me
And i am sad for you, sad for us
But he is coming for me
One who would claimed me as his lover
But don't believe i loved him
You will see him for yourself
And no, i never could have loved him

But he makes me feel weak
And he makes me feel ashamed
And he'll never let us be
He will never let us live our life
The way we dreamed that would be
My darling, my darling

I would never want to hurt you
Or give you cause to share tears
If it were in my power
I'd be with you every hour
For the rest of our years

So how can i deserve you
My dear beloved, my friend?
I wish i could've told you
At least then i could hold you
When our time come to an end

I wish i could explain away the pain
And tell you why i had to run
But it wouldn't do much good for you
What is done, is done

I'm so sorry to have left you
Feel like i'm tearing apart
But i leave you this to grief
You are now a part of me
And will be always

I would take all of the pain alone
If it were in my hands to do
You don't have to take the pain alone
There's enough for two

The is so much i want to tell you
But i'm not good with goodbyes
Just believe this much is true
I swear to you
I love you always

Yeah, you're gonna see

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