My Darling

Sara Ramírez

You are so strong my darling
You with the pale and boyish eyes
So full of dreams my darling, yet so wise
I heard you song my darling
Slit like a serpent to your side
So mesmerized my darling
For your sweet sad loneliness floating on the air
Seem to call out saying here’s someone who will care

So I clung to you, two ships against the storm
But the past is so cruel
And we’re caught in her claws
Oh how short it all was
My darling (you despair to much)
(Serpents should warm them selves in the sun)
Shadows still lerk my darling (shadows are nothing to fear)
As he walked to light they followed (their the ones still let us see)
And as you said my darling (as I have said to you)
Always will (all of those back in the past have done wrong to you)
(Pay them no mind I’m the one that belongs to you)
There's no escape, my darling (we have escapes don’t you see)

We must be fools to think we’d last (you can be foolish with me)
We can’t cheat fate my darling (my darling)
I would walk bound with you into eternity
If thought our loving could truly set us free

I would have loved to love you in a perfect life (loved to and I’ll owe you in a perfect life)
But my heart has grown cold (you can warm it against my side)
And my faith has grown frail (I can give you the strength that you need)
Sometimes faith does prevail, my darling
For our day has grown cold
And the night closes, in I’m afraid we can’t win, my darling
My darling, my darling
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