English Man O' War


Crashing through the raging sea flagship og the line
Comander of the English fleet the greatsest of her time
Searching the horizon a thousand leagues or more
Mighty winds will carry you onto bloody war

Let the four winds blow
The tempest come
Let the seas run high
'Till the battle's won
Let the Cannons roar
English Men of war

Built of oak hard as steel master of the sea
Six Thousand yards of sail flies onto liberty
Call to arms man the deck soon the guns will toll
Ram the ball and load the shot the fight will take its toll

[Repeat chorus]

Hear the sound of iron shot smashing down the mast
Ripping through the flesh and bone ships's company stand fast
The battle raged on through the night falgship of the line
Bathed in pride and glory the greatest of her time

[Repeat chorus]
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