I'll find the strength within myself
I can't hide this fear that I keep inside

I feel the black wind blow
I'm breaking down but it don't show
My reflection is not looking back at me

Still I try to find a way
To make it through another day
But I'm not who I used to be

I'm a stranger to me
(I'm a stranger to myself, myself and no one else)
And then I find the strength within myself
(And you will never see the strength inside of me)

I wish I could run away
From this war I'm fighting every day
But I think I'll hide behind my mask
And I think if you could see
What goes on inside of me
You'll see that I'm not who I used to be

Give me the strength to pull my self up
Give me the strength so I won't fall down
I tear off my mask
Throw it down to the ground
I walk off again
And I'm never turning around
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