To No Avail


Where do you go when all you know is to obey?
Who do you turn to when you burn to see a change?
We have to rise, they won't expect it!
Wait for the sign, charge when my torch is lit!

Determination in face of what we hate
We'll sing this anthem while the blood runs through our veins
Capture tonight, the hearts of enemies
It's time to fight, now follow my lead!

My last chance to change the times
Think of the night that we couldn't fail
Looking back now, I realized
Everything I've done for you was to no avail

The heavens will cry now that I have been betrayed
When you see the stars tonight, don't forget my name!
I'm not alone, my sword remains drawn
I would push on, but now my light is gone...

I am a leader that is running blind
Alone I'll run, and alone I'll prevail
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