Somewhere In The Vicinity Of The Heart Lyrics


Thousand miles of lonesome highway
Drinking gallons of coffee in a little cafe's
Brought me here
And it's so good to find
That there's someone who's got the same story as mine
Just look at us, we're a couple of hard cases
So how'd we end up where we are

Somewhere in the vicinity of the heart
I feel something hittin' me awful hard
I don't know where it's gonna lead
But I just know it starts
Somewhere in the vicinity of the heart

Alison Kraus-
Been so long
I can't believe I feel something so sweet
Where an ache used to be
Don't fall in love anymore
But I've never met anyone like you before
Stay here with me for a couple of more minutes
I think there's something going on

Repeat chorus

Well it sure took a while to find
It's been waiting here all this time

Repeat chorus

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