Church On Cumberland Road


Just about a mile off-a one-oh-nine
There's a little church sittin' back in the pines
I promised that girl she was gonna be mine
I wouldn't be surprised if she was standin' there cryin'

Wo-ah, I didn't know this bored-out Ford could go so slow
Wo-ah, You got to put your foot down on the floor
'Yeah we've been rocking all night, now, don't you know
You gotta get me to the church on Cumberland Road

Billy's passed out in the back, But I think he's alive
Bobby's got his head hangin' over the side
Here we are doin' only ninety-five
What's the matter with you, man? I thought you said you could drive!

Sweeter than the dew on a honeysuckle vine
Hotter than noon on the Fourth of July
Cutest little girl that I ever have known
Waitin' at the church on Cumberland Road

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