I Remember


Waking up from the shock stil dying from the night before.
So mad I can't speak, but I keep coming back for more.
Did you see me there (looking back at you) did you even care?

All the things you said to me, every lie that I believed
I can't erase the memory, I remember.
Cut so deep I can't forget, loving you is my regret.
I thought that I was over it, but I remember (I remember)

I wanna shut it all out, I wish that this was all a dream (a distant memory)
I try so hard to forget but it keeps coming back to me (it's coming back to me)
I should leave I know (but I keep looking back) but I can't let go.

I should've known you'd take it all away, shoulda known you'd break my heart again.
I should just forget it all but I remember.
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