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You're Not Alone


Hey sir I need a little change
Everything around me kinda looks a little strange.
You see, here's the situation
I'm feeling the frustration of my loner generation.
My father's always workin', my mother never smiles
The world is on their shoulders, money troubles on their mind.
They're full of good intentions as far as I can tell.
But we're so disconnected like I'm living by myself.

If there's someone out there who know what I feel say hey ya!
If your feelin like you got the short end of the deal say hey ya!
When the worlds got you backed up against the wall
And no ones there to catch, when your starting to fall.
If you feel no one cares what's going on.
You're not alone.

Hey teacher today what's the lesson.
I hope you got some answers cause I got a lot of questions.
Help me out I need and education
A little inspiration wanna see my graduation
Does it really matter? Does anybody care?
You're goin through the motions got me pullin out my hair.
If everybody's sleepin I'm locking all my doors.
Text me if you want to, I can't take it anymore.

Cuz I feel like I'm drowning in space
Fighting with the choices and the chances I take
It keeps knockin me down lockin me in
I'm reachin out again is anybody out there.
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