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    Simon Says - A Bedtime Story

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    Simon Says - Aftermath

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    Simon Says - And By The Water

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    Simon Says - As The River Runs

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    Simon Says - B.A.J.S. Radio

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    Simon Says - Beautiful New Day

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    Simon Says - Blister

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    Simon Says - Brother Where You Bound?

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    Simon Says - Fly In A Bottle

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    Simon Says - Hey!

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    Simon Says - Kadazan

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    Simon Says - Paradise Square

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    Simon Says - Pilgrim's Progress

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    Simon Says - Striking Out a Single Note for Love

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    Simon Says - Suddenly The Rain

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    Simon Says - Tardigrade

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    Simon Says - The Chosen One

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    Simon Says - The Circle's End

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    Simon Says - Under The Seal

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    Simon Says - White Glove

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    Simon Says - Your Future

A Bedtime Story

Simon Says

Said the child to the aged worldly man:
"Please Sir, give me a clue,
I want to grow up and be just like you"
Said the man (who'd forgotten who he was):
"Don't disturb me today, you innocent pup,
Get out of my way!"

Man, looks up from magazine:
Maybe reasons for taking are reason to give
Maybe seasons are turning to let the years live

Like the day follows night
And the night follows day
Once again

Splitter splat! on the rainsoaked pavement stones
I let myself drown in the drops from above
The rain's pouring down
Sits the cat on the fence, sees neighbour's spouse
Licking his lips, dreaming of trips
In the house of the mouse

Man, turns off TV set:
Maybe people grow weak
When their bodies grow older
Said the pimp to the whore
Then he walked out and sold her
Maybe flesh is the answer to why we exist
Maybe that's why we all disappear in the mist

Like the night follows day once again

Corpse's Dream

Corpse's Defense:
Dreams, dreams are all I have left behind me
I was stronger then believing there was right and wrong
Uneven songs for the people to sing
Let their voices ring out in the
Night time comes and wraps us in
It's black velvet skin rubbing our chins

Dreams, dreams - the only thing I could offer
Now it seems that's barely enough for this game
I bow down in shame
To seek forgiveness and absolution
From something I feel creeping up behind

Cat, joins corpse in coffin:
In the playground
Children give their parents satisfaction
Riding rocking horses
And the dragon roundabouts
While you sit on the park bench
Sucking juices from your pipe
Maggots eat your bones

In the supermarket sit the girls in perfect rows
Cashing in and cashing out
"Have a nice day", smile, "bye-bye"
While you sit in the corner
Sucking juices from their loins
Maggots eat your bones

Gathered in the graveyard
Is this family in grief
Children hide their faces
In this sanctuary of thieves
While you lie in your coffin
Sucking juices from the worms

Cat, wearing ugly face:
St-st-stay put and figure this out:
How come all the world is above you now
When your dreams were as good as gold?
I'm told you sold your your soul and your pride
To the reason for standing on top of the hill
Staring out from the cliff
Now you're still, your will is as dead
As dumb
As dull
As you are stiff, uh!

Man, looks up at glass ceiling in tea parlour:
"Chitter-chat" in the bourgeois tea saloons
The rain on the roof: "clitter and clat!"
Makes way for the cat
Stirring spoons and the sugar's added milk
But the cat doesn't care 'bout the meaning they share
He's not even there

Man, kisses wife good night:
So I laid down my book and turned out the light
All in all it's a story of wrong and of right
And if the meaning's not there for you people to see
You won't ever get any answer from me

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