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    Skindive - In For The Kill

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    Skindive - No More Good Guys

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    Skindive - Salt Peter

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    Skindive - Swallow

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    Skindive - Sweetness

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    Skindive - Tranquillizer

In For The Kill


Up he comes now for thrills
Man locks in for the kill
Breathing is fixed for the time
Image burns in and is sealed in my mind

Can I move from my call?
Cautious looks say it all
Cold control to impress
Fate takes control of my moves for the rest
One more blink of an eye

And I'm in for the Kill
My conscience kicks in
And crumbles in my hands all feelings weaken
And just in time to quench compassion
See I am breathing, seething, breathing, seething

Cooler things I have done
Let myself down again
Insecurity swells,
Jealous as anger expands in my head
Cold control moves aside.

Image burns and the view gets sealed inside
Cautious looks say it all straight to my eyes
Jealous looks make it all just move aside
Keep me safe
Take control
As I close
Or kill my mind.

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