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    Skindive - In For The Kill

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    Skindive - No More Good Guys

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    Skindive - Salt Peter

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    Skindive - Swallow

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    Skindive - Sweetness

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    Skindive - Tranquillizer



My precious little lover,
Pushing down on me.
My perfect little liar,
Trying hard to see.
How the pain is sweetest.
Pin me to the wall.
The current threw the wire.
It's bound to make me fall.

(Bound to make me)

Turn the dial up higher.
As the telephone rings on.
My flesh like its on fire,
Listen up to long.
Join me hinny quickly.
For some electric fun.
Turn it gently clockwise.
Sweetness I know!
I'm in control!

So hold your mind.
Instead of mine.
Out to lose.
I'm losing time.
Full control.
Soul impressed,
You took my time with someone elts.

My innocent assassin.
Weir threw the rings
Current flowing threw me
All the joy it brings
My perfect little liar
Trying hard to please
My precious little lover
My sweetness

Sweetness I know
My energy goes
As strong as it goes
I'm in control

(Chorus x3)

That's how I showed you the way (x8)

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