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A Big Disgrace


I'm gonna tell you the story of a girl
That I met one night
I was down at the pub with my friends
When this beast came at me
She started rubbing her groin against my leg
And put her hands on my ---- (damn!)
She whispered dirty words in my ear
And said "are you ready to rock?"

I remember thinking
- who let you escape from the zoo?

Chorus: Cause you're a big disgrace
To the whole female gender
And I think you're the opposite
Of soft, sweet and tender
You're a big disgrace
To the whole human race
And I know there are monkeys
More civilized than you (mmhm)

I was down at the pub with my friends
A couple of weeks later
When this girl came at me again
Looking more drunk than ever
She started speaking with a breath so bad
I had to turn away from her
Instead of getting my obvious hint
She came even closer
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