True West

Spider Loc

[David Jessel:]
Los Angeles...
Home for nearly 13 million people.

[people talks]

[News Anchor:]
Bangers a bangers down here and get together. [hydraulics]

[DJ Nik Bean:] RED! [hydraulic] SHADY! [hydraulics] DJ Nik Bean!
[Spider Loc:] Haahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

[Verse 1:]
Drinkin' Remy out the bottle, I don't need no glasses
I'm from the EastSide, not no glasses! (EASTSIIIIIDE!)
I cup to beef, I ain't talkin' 'bout the top E,
The WestCoast bein on it, talkin' 'bout it's TOP E!
I keep the Ice cold, done it like Hot Dollar,
Two steppin' with' my Glock like Hot Hollar!
You'sa cartoon like Scooby Boo! (hahaaaaaaaaa!)
Me and Kartoon ball like Scooby-Doo!
I don't laid on that bump from months and months
Now I'm rollin' on Blunts, doin' launch we launch!
Big tells of plaques?, afford? the globe
Slow off, Busta's track blowin' drow we drow! (droooooooooow!)
I'm a short shotter and I ain't gotta knock out!
He violator, but he? laid in Knocc-Out!
Rest in union breed like the homie DeMoney
Mess me what the talkin', (Ssssssh!) show me the money! (gimme!)
You can't judge me, but a size of my pocket
In the? abbey? with' rocky, gettin' high as I'm Rocky!
Slide to the projects, smoke-off the Jay rock
Hittin' showin' Loc! - And spoof on gay dock!
After homie from the turf on the wag,
And I'll kill behind, Smurf on a sad!
Smokin' auto?, I got pack in the pie.
"It's CRACKIN'! - I don't 'round! Back in the pipe! " (Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)
I'm on a play rope it dope like Ca$his,
And I smoke it a ganger's dough like Ca$his! (SHAAAAAAAAAAADY!)
Ain't no problem when it come to the poppin',
It's poppin'! - I ain't gotta problem with' problems!
I'm bringing the lanes too - like the Game's truths!
Hit drink, more break, deuce can bang Blues! ("DJ Nik Bean! ")
That's my nigga dough! - I don't whassup! ("MOTHER-FUCKKA! ")
I see wild beefs! - And holla: "Whassup? " (WHASSUUUUP?)
Leave the True West, feel my flow!
Only my son and my nephew can still my show!
Sooo - the rest of y'all clame's can sit, put,
I'm with' Bluedown! - I'm callin' Big Foot!
None of y'all got nothin' on Columbo
Stuntin', stumbo - shoot it come humbo!
In the morning I'm the first want fade it
These haters hate it, cause the birds want made it!
Only battlefield it call me made ya pain,
Cause no brain bring, made ya pain!
My worste touch the whore like the Pooh Kid speech
Busta, Lord Heat, no bullshit beats!
You coludn't win if I could get be
Quieten! - Watch the best with' this hood shit E!
I fucked a gang of hoes! Papa, Lil' E!
Hit the CPT, chop a Lil' E!
I ain't bullshit, you can ask Bad Luck!
Fuck if you with' me, cause askin' for Bad Luck!
Like James Brown, this the big pay back
I'm? Whisten? Avenue with' big pay back!
Damn, right! I'm a backpack rapper! (hahaaaaaaaaaaaaah-hahaha!)
40Glocc in tha backpack rapper! - Reppin' acts, niggas! [echoes]

West caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!
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