This Can't Be Life

Spider Loc

[Chorus: Spider-Loc]
This Can't Be Life
We Try To Get Rich
Na Ain't We Nice
It's Got To Be More
She's A Hore She Can't Be Wife
We Love Goin' To War
We Can't Be Right

My Nigga Drank Coniak All Day
And Smoke Coutch To The Dark
For The Neigborhoop Picnics We Push To The Park
He's Hit Up To Swap Me The Roll To The Mark
Let Em Wrong We All Meet Up At The Wall On The Hall
And I Ain't Pain I Let The Home Boy Pat Me Down
My Nigga Ain't Said Shit About The Gat He Found
Hood Rats On The Dance Floor Shakin Their Ass Sheeks
I'm Waiting The Beef To Pop Off From Last Week

[Papa Smurf:]
I Por An Whole Bottle Of Cryst Out
For Baby Popa
I Drank Yact I Bougth That For Baby Popa
Blowin Couthch Think The Of Pow Wow G
I Miss Sex I Miss Braze I Miss The Homie Low Lee
And Seem Like Yesterday We Was Loaded Bust Em Bitches Up In Your Escalade
Now I'm Fuckin With Spider Reppin Tha Unit
Ya'll My Niggaz Told Me That I Will Do It

[Big Foot:]
Money,Talk And Time Are The Essance
Im Havin Visit Of My Body On The Stretcher
The Street The Hose The Life That I Treasure
Make Cats Bow Down Like The Diploma Maker
Im Like The First Hit From The Bangin Of The Hair Rhime
Blow Past Hits Of Tellin Those Spers Time
You Better Bounce Cuz Im Fellin Em Low Lows
With The 2 Pic White Kicks And Rose Goe

[Snoopy Blu:]
The Homie Drew Stop Bangin Still Took They Shoots
So I Picc And Die What Kind Of Chance I Got
I Know He Been To A Biggier Place So I Try To Limit Space That I Choose To Go Trough
They Waiting To Approch You
2 Or 3 Shots You Gone Just A Memory
2 Or 3 Years I Wonder Why7 They Don't Remember Me
So I Try To Live The Best I Can
Represent To My Dead Homies The Best I Can

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