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    Squad 69 - (I Was A) Teenage Morticia

  2. 2

    Squad 69 - All Within Your Eyes

  3. 3

    Squad 69 - Chiller Killer

  4. 4

    Squad 69 - Ev'rything Sucks

  5. 5

    Squad 69 - Ignorance

  6. 6

    Squad 69 - Murder One

  7. 7

    Squad 69 - Overchill

  8. 8

    Squad 69 - Pyramaniaxe

  9. 9

    Squad 69 - Roaches


Squad 69

Precious is the mind Creativity's blowing mine Running high Released from time Process is in motion Record a special moment Of Audio sunshine Pleasure in my head Oh I'm Audio sunshine And I feel like a God on this day An I feel like God today Sounds of heaven in my head Sounds of heaven in my head Just try'na sleep some in my bed Wake me from dreaming Wake me from screaming Precious in the mind Captured in time Oh Audio sunshine Pleasure in your head Let me plug you in Wake you from the dead Riding high Touch the sky And I feel like a God on this day Well I feel like God today. I wanna wire your neurons to my MIDI out You wanna know where I've been channels 1 to 16 A floating point calculation for auditory insemination, Ohh A reach for the stars through the beats and the bars For the life and breath and all the way to death. The word is mightier than the pen It's a big long stick with a nail in the end More speed more power more touched by God The future's fucked the future's Bird Squad And I feel like a god on this day Well I feel like God today.

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