1. 1

    Squad 69 - (I Was A) Teenage Morticia

  2. 2

    Squad 69 - All Within Your Eyes

  3. 3

    Squad 69 - Chiller Killer

  4. 4

    Squad 69 - Ev'rything Sucks

  5. 5

    Squad 69 - Ignorance

  6. 6

    Squad 69 - Murder One

  7. 7

    Squad 69 - Overchill

  8. 8

    Squad 69 - Pyramaniaxe

  9. 9

    Squad 69 - Roaches

Murder One

Squad 69

You can give me all that I see I will give you what I promised you For what you gave me you seem guilty I will see to you with all I threatened you Like you wanted to and needed to Before they decide it looks like suicide I will play the part, show a broken heart But it won't be real for I cannot feel No it won't be real for l cannot feel for you See me in the shadows and cover me It has got nothing at all to do with me Tedious niceties long lost harmonies Something different to what you think you see So when you're caught up in the act of taking it out lt means nothing to scream and nothing to shout And I will kill you dead And it will have been said You were warned.

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